Go, ECS! It's Your Birthday!​

Celebrating 15 years of excellence in education for everyone.


Our Purpose: To transform lives through education

Equality’s purpose is to affect transformative change in the lives of all the people in our community — the parents, the political leadership, the alumni and scholars, and our future children.

All in the Numbers

Next Level Readiness

We are #1 in our district at preparing Middle School students for High School.

Graduation Rates

Scholars from ECMS who also attended ECHS graduated at a higher rate than their City and District counterparts.

Free / Reduced Lunch

We provide equal opportunities in education to economically disadvantaged communities.

We focus on systemic growth, instead of just test scores.

Equality’s curriculum systematically reinforces incremental growth in core academic courses, while ensuring that our scholars have the personal and emotional resources needed to be successful in life after graduation.


We believe in meeting our scholars where they are and working with them to develop the tools they will need to excel, wherever their life journey may take them.


-Janelle Wray, 11th grade
-Modou Ndure, 8th grade
-Modou Ndure, 8º curso
-Elani Wyatt, 10th grade
-Elani Wyatt, 10º curso
— Vida Fosua, Parent, Middle School Scholar
— Tajah Stephens, 7th Grade
— Millicent Fearon, Parent, High School Scholar
— Ms. Amanda, Middle School Principal
— Shade McBeth, Parent, Middle School Scholar

Collaboration & Community

We are a community of passionate individuals, committed to transforming education in the Bronx. We believe that hiring and keeping high-quality teachers is what makes the difference in a child’s education at Equality.

Working with us requires an open mind, a commitment to hard work, and faith in the long game. We do our best to find the right positions for everyone, where they are engaged, challenged, and successful.

Snippets of Life at ECS