Focused on the building blocks of a great education.

Almost there!

Big changes are in the works for our little ones.

What do our youngest community members deserve from us?

We believe they deserve to achieve their grade level and beyond in reading, writing, and math, and that they should possess a positive self-image as a learner.

Our children should be able to manage their own behaviors in a cooperative learning environment.

They deserve adults who appreciate and promote their development as naturally curious, engaged learners.


Watch this video to set up your ECS email account.

A program that is installed on ECS-owned  scholar chromebooks: General Information

New Family Information: From August 2021 presentation / video Passcode: 2K#5.ek$

Lottery announcements are posted in our google calendar below

MS Shared Space- a copy is available for request, reach out to the main office.

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