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Focused on the building blocks of a great education

Now enrolling kindergarten and first grade!

What do our youngest community members deserve from us?

They deserve adults who appreciate and promote their development as naturally curious, engaged learners. We ensure every scholar has access to support staff, engaging advisory programming, and positive interventions that foster strong bonds and community spirit.

Equality is more than a school; we’re a close-knit family. Our dedicated scholars, teachers, and staff share a deep sense of unity. With stable leadership, we guarantee our students feel consistently cared for, supported, and part of something special.

What Sets Us Apart

Small Class Sizes

Averaging between 18 and 26 scholars, with many classes having two teachers for additional support. One of the teachers is SPED and one is GENED.

College Prepratory Curriculum

Extensive tracking and support starts early, so 9th graders stay on track for a Regeant’s diploma.

College Prepratory Curriculum

Offering comprehensive exploration and exposure to valuable internships

Scholar-centered approach

By prioritizing individualism and inclusivity, we meet scholars where they’re at, progressing with intention as they age.

A positive self image

We equip scholars with the tools to improve their self-image as learners and coexist in a cooperative learning environment.


Once children are accepted, they can stay with Equality through high school, where our scholars have an impressive 91% graduation rate.

More Opportunities to Earn

Additional credits per year, including an effective Credit Recovery Program to make sure no one gets left behind.

Academic Support & Enrichment

To provide extra guidance to promote procedural and conceptual understanding. (ELA)

Athletics Program

Includes flag football, volleyball, basketball, cheer, track, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, dance, and more

— Vida Fosua, Parent, Middle School Scholar

“Our teacher, Michael Leone, communicated with me about my child's wellbeing in school and also gave me advice on how to help my child achieve.”

-Modou Ndure, 8th grade

"Our teacher [Mr. Kennabrew] taught us not only about the classroom, but also about the real world and gave us an 8th grade experience that will last a lifetime."

-Elani Wyatt, 10th grade

"Ms. Collins went above and beyond with taking care and attending to ECS scholars, who are forever grateful. She has helped scholars emotionally and academically."

-Tajah Stephens, 7th grade

"Mr. Goodbridge is a tough and strict teacher and he has a personality that will make you feel like a better person about yourself."

Why do families love Equality Charter School?

Equality does not expect every scholar to be a masterful mathematician, reader, artist or scientist when they join us.

  • We provide remediation in literacy and math for anyone who comes to us below grade level. We are intentional in providing scaffolds and supports, and we are careful to reduce those supports as each scholar achieves new levels of independence.
  • We nurture and engage scholars with disabilities. On average, we serve a higher population of Students with Disabilities (SWDs) than our comparison district schools. Our SWD Program provides individualized supports for all scholars inside of the mainstream classroom, along with a variety of additional remediation services.
  • We welcome those who have not yet attained proficiency in English. Our English Language Learning Program results in ELL graduation rates that far exceed the District and New York City results.
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