Careers at Equality

Pursue your passion. Transform education.

We invest in passionate people, providing a rewarding and fulfilling career path.

Equality’s mission can only be achieved through the synergy of a team approach of the highest qualified and committed professionals.

At Equality, we believe that all scholars can achieve their goals, regardless of factors that many feel would prevent success. If you agree, then you think like an Equality educator, and we invite you to consider joining our team.

"I love working at Equality because we prioritize serving scholars who would otherwise be ignored, cast aside, or mistreated. We love and respect our scholars as humans, not just students!"

— Ms. Amanda, Middle School Principal

"Ms. Collins went above and beyond with taking care and attending to ECS scholars, who are forever grateful. She has helped scholars emotionally and academically."

-Elani Wyatt, 10th grade

"Miss Simmons is very new to this school but during her time here she shows how thoughtful and caring of a teacher she is. She also treat us like her own kids."

-Janelle Wray, 11th grade

"Our teacher [Mr. Kennabrew] taught us not only about the classroom, but also about the real world and gave us an 8th grade experience that will last a lifetime."

-Modou Ndure, 8th grade

We want the best on our team.

We recognize the needs of quality educators and we intend to meet them so that you can keep focused on what you do best: supporting our scholars. Therefore, we provide the following to our staff members:

Weekly professional development for personally meaningful individual growth
A voice in school decisions
An instructional coach for teachers who supports and guides your work
Competitive salary and benefits
A welcoming, professional learning community that values the contributions of all of its members
Transparent communication with staff through regular focus groups, including annual “Stay Interviews” to determine how we can better engage 3rd and 4th year teachers to stay with Equality longer
Financial Wellness tools, including an ongoing subscription to Everydollar (a personal budgeting app) for all staff
Fully paid parking in the garage for eligible teachers at our Middle School (our High School has a parking lot)

In addition, our staff continues to use and appreciate the following unique benefits:

Telemedicine — allowing prescriptions for antibiotics to be prescribed over the phone, when needed
Free Apple / Android Watches, or other ergonomic equipment related to our wellness program
Gym membership reimbursement through our medical benefits
Free copays for children on our most popular medical benefit plan
All staff receive a returning bonus each year
Staff referral bonuses of $750

Moving Forward Together

Our Racial Equity Initiative
Better preparing our scholars (nearly 100% POC) to navigate the world
Knowing the history of racism and the fight against it
Understanding racism in current day America
Analyzing policy and practices at Equality
Reviewing Scholar uniforms policy
Analyzing emphasis on test scores
Embracing restorative practices
Analyzing demographic composition of staff
Increasing competencies in our staff
Knowing the history of racism and the fight against it, and multi-cultural history
Leading challenging/uncomfortable discussions competency
Empathy competency-increasing empathy for the racial experiences of others

Connect and Stay Informed

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