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We invest in passionate people, providing a rewarding and fulfilling career path.

Equality’s mission can only be achieved through the synergy of a team approach of the highest qualified and committed professionals. At Equality, we believe that all scholars can achieve their goals, regardless of factors that many feel would prevent success. If you agree, then you think like an Equality educator, and we invite you to consider joining our team.

We want the best on our team. We recognize the needs of quality educators and we intend to meet them so that you can keep focused on what you do best: supporting our scholars. Therefore, we provide the following to our staff members:
In addition, our staff continue to use and appreciate the following unique benefits:

Moving Forward together

Our Racial Equity Initiative

1. Better preparing our scholars (nearly 100% POC) to navigate the world

  • Knowing the history of racism and the fight against it
  • Understanding racism in current day America


2. Analyzing policy and practices at Equality

  • Reviewing Scholar uniforms policy
  • Analyzing emphasis on test scores
  • Embracing restorative practices
  • Analyzing demographic composition of staff


3. Increasing competencies in our staff

  • Knowing the history of racism and the fight against it, and multi-cultural history
  • Leading challenging/uncomfortable discussions competency
  • Empathy competency-increasing empathy for the racial experiences of others

Connect and stay informed.

From our staff…

Equality challenges me to take risks, come outside of my comfort zone and grow as an educator and a leader. I love the freedom to be myself and allow my students to be themselves.

Deanna Melendez High School Music Teacher

When I came to work at Equality, I immediately felt a sense of camaraderie and excitement around the work. The leadership and teaching staff have always made me feel supported and appreciated.

Lisa Romano High School Director of Instruction

I love working at Equality because we prioritize serving scholars who would otherwise be ignored, cast aside, or mistreated. We love and respect our scholars as humans, not just students!

Amanda Huza Middle School Principal

Equality invests in my future of being a school leader by sending me to personalized PDs and meeting with our Math consultant. When I see a future with Equality, I feel more driven in my role.

Sheron Samaroo Middle School Math Department Head

I get to work at a school that genuinely cares about the professional development of their staff as well as the individualized growth of our scholars. This place, this organization, is home.

Christina Danna Middle School Teacher, 8th Grade ELA