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Amanda Huza, Middle School Principal

“I love working at Equality because we prioritize serving scholars who would otherwise be ignored, cast aside, or mistreated. We love and respect our scholars as humans, not just students!”

-Modou Ndure, 8th grade

"Our teacher [Mr. Kennabrew] taught us not only about the classroom, but also about the real world and gave us an 8th grade experience that will last a lifetime."

-Elani Wyatt, 10th grade

"Ms. Collins went above and beyond with taking care and attending to ECS scholars, who are forever grateful. She has helped scholars emotionally and academically."

Current Openings

High School

We currently have open positions for instructional and operational positions at our High School Campus in Castle Hill.

Middle School

We currently have open positions for Athletics Coaching (part time), as well as instructional positions at our Middle School Campus in Coop City.

Elementary School

We are taking applications for the 2024-2025 school year for our new Elementary School in Williamsbridge.

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