“Throw Back Thursday” – Sexauer Foundation Grants!

June 15, 2016

Today we are highlighting three grants we have received from the Sexauer Foundation for our “Throw Back Thursday” announcement, including a grant for our Middle School Library, with the Grand Opening being highlighted in the featured image!

The Sexauer Foundation has shown support of our school for the past three years. In 2014 we received $10,000 for our Middle School Library, in 2015 we received $15,000 for our High School Library, and now in 2016 we received $25,000 for the buildout of our High School College & Career Programming. We are forever grateful for their support of Equality and belief in the high quality programs that we provide.

Executive Director Caitlin Franco shares her experience with the Sexauer Foundation, “They are a wonderful foundation that has taken in interest in our school, our scholars, and our mission. They have attended events, toured our school, and stayed in touch. It is heart warming to know that they truly believe in Equality and are in collaboration with us to help us reach our goals. We are very grateful for this partnership.”


Parents, Board Members, Donors, ECS Staff and Wonderful Scholars

Thank you to all of our Donors!