This Is What They Did

June 4, 2020

This Is What They Did
It’s time for people to come out from all of this silence, we just tryna understand why cops have so much violence.
Another black man killed in broad daylight, I bet his last day he was just hopin that it would be bright.
George, Eric, and Phillando are citizens too, but the evil of racism killed them too.
Now the cops are mad because his people want justice, isn’t it crazy how all communities are supporting in this function.
It took a long time for others to stand, keep sticking with us and you get the plan.
Not the riots, fighting, looting, and killing, hopefully I can get a meeting with that man in the big white building.
He sees his people are going through it but he still supports his own race, “you loot, they shoot” I’ve had enough of this president in this case.
That’s all I have to say, so let’s get better days and make better plays.
– Gabe Crump (11th grade)
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