Special Education

Our Instructional Approach

On average, we serve a higher population of Students with Disabilities (SWDs) than our comparison district schools, and that is because at Equality we work hard to support this special population well. Our SWD Program provides individualized supports for special education scholars inside of the mainstream classroom, along with a variety of additional remediation services.

Equality has an admissions lottery preference for SWDs.

*Each grade is made up of 20-30% special education students.

Program and Settings Provided:

At Equality, we offer two different service settings to support our Students with Disabilities (SWD): Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) and Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS). ICT is provided for all core classes because we believe this is the best setting for the vast majority of SWDs. Students benefit from this structure through the support of two teachers in the mainstream classroom – a general education teacher, who is the content specialist, and a special education teacher, who is the learning specialist. This instructional approach allows all scholars to get what they need while learning together in one environment. In addition, we provide a SETSS setting for students who are placed in general education classes and need another period of small group support to supplement the mainstream instruction.

Additional Support Services:

  • Counseling provided by in-house social worker – includes individual and group counseling as well as social-emotional groups.
  • At-risk counseling provided by social worker and/or guidance counselor.
  • Case Manager Support System – pairs each SWD with a special education teacher, who acts as a case manager, to provide additional support and to monitor IEP progress.
  • Rise, a small group reading intervention program – supports students who are below grade level in reading.
  • Math remediation classes, as needed, through our Support and Enrichment Program.
  • Speech Language Therapy through an on-site DOE provider.
  • DOE Providers for other scholar needs such as vision, hearing, paraprofessional, and occupational therapy.
  • Peer-to-Peer tutoring – pairs scholars who are experiencing subject specific difficulty with a peer tutor.