Unlocking the door to education welcomes a future full of opportunity & success.

Our schools:

Focus on systematic growth instead of just test scores.

Equality’s curriculum systematically reinforces incremental growth in core academic courses, while ensuring that our scholars have the personal and emotional resources needed to be successful in life after graduation.

We believe in meeting our scholars where they are and working with them to develop the tools they will need to excel, wherever their life journey may take them.

We believe that curiosity and patient, slow thinking are tools that will serve our scholars best in college and in their careers after graduation.

high school

High Schoolers benefit from our guidance as they grow into independence and self-direction.

Middle school

Middle Schoolers come to believe in their own potential with the skills we cultivate.

Elementary school

Elementary Schoolers develop independence and confidence through our immersive, person-centered program. 

a well-rounded curriculum

Equality does not expect every scholar to be a masterful mathematician, reader, artist or scientist when they join us.

We believe in providing remediation in literacy and math for anyone who comes to us below grade level. We are intentional in providing scaffolds and supports, and we are careful to reduce those supports as each scholar achieves new levels of independence.

We believe our scholars are capable of — and actually enjoy — the “heavy lifting” of critical thinking. As a result, we strive to infuse critical thinking opportunities throughout the school day.
A group of Equality scholars talking

Educating the whole person

Everyone in our community needs help and guidance sometimes. We believe that the most important factor in giving good support is listening.

Parent discussions, scholar advisories and staff feedback / focus groups help all of us stay aligned with our shared goal— ensuring each Equality graduate has the greatest possible chance of success in the next step of their journey, whether it’s going to college, starting their career, or a combination of those two.

inclusive not exclusive

Engaging scholars with various strengths & needs

On average, we serve a higher population of Students with Disabilities (SWDs) than our comparison district schools, and that is because at Equality we work hard to support this special population well. Our SWD Program provides individualized supports for all scholars inside of the mainstream classroom, along with a variety of additional remediation services.
A classroom at Equality with a student raising their hand

English language learners

A scholar at Equality Charter School

Engaging & supporting our ELL scholars

At Equality Charter Middle School and High School, we welcome native speakers of other languages who have not yet attained proficiency in English and newly arrived students to the United States.

Our English Language Learning Program results in ELL graduation rates that far exceed the District and New York City results.

parent teacher association

engaging parents as partners

Equality values parental involvement in all levels of school decision making. An indicator of high parent satisfaction is a parent’s choice to stay with Equality from MS to HS.

There are a lot of options for our families for high school choice. In this past 8th grade class, 85% of our MS scholars chose to stay with Equality and continue on to our HS. This is a huge indicator of parent satisfaction.
A scholar and a student at Equality working on a science experiment

We are bronx-Centric

from our scholars

Our teacher (Kyle Goodbridge) adores everyone's personal space and he's a great math teacher. Mr Goodbridge is a tough and strict teacher and he has a personality that will make you feel like a better person about yourself.

Tajah Stephens 7th Grade Scholar

Our teacher (Darius Kennabrew) taught us not only about the classroom, but also about the real world and gave us an 8th grade experience that will last for a life time.

Modou Ndure 8th Grader Scholar

Ms. Collins went above and beyond with taking care and attending to ECS scholars, who are forever grateful. She has helped ECS scholars emotionally and academically.

Elani Wyatt 10th Grade Scholar

Miss Simmons is very new to this school but during her time here she shows how thoughtful and caring teacher she is, she also treat us like her own kids and she also look out for us.

Janelle Wray 11th Grade Scholar