making our way back

How we offset pandemic learning loss
and put our scholars back on track

During the 2020–2021 school year our scholars experienced ongoing and repeated learning disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
We began 2021-2022 knowing we had to take action.

According to a national study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, findings showed the significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on K–12 student learning, “leaving students on average five months behind in mathematics and four months behind in reading by the end of the school year.” 

In our Middle School, we noted an increased amount of anxiety compared to previous years based on staff observation and scholar self-report due to COVID-19.  A significant number of scholars reported they were easily distracted. 

In math, students in majority Black schools ended the year with six months of unfinished learning, students in low-income schools

McKinsey & Company

In our High School, 9th graders faced the most struggles due to COVID-19, transitions to a new environment and a completely new online learning system. 

The McKinsey Report also notes, “High Schoolers have become more likely to drop out of school, and High School seniors, especially those from low-income families, are less likely to go on to postsecondary education. And the crisis had an impact on not just academics but also the broader health and well-being of students, with more than 35 percent of parents very or extremely concerned about their children’s mental health.”

In 2021-2022 Equality decided to mitigate losses by creating Saturday Academy. Our new learning and enrichment program, designed to help scholars “Level Up!”–getting them back on track, by providing the extra help needed to restore confidence and academic success.