George Floyd

June 3, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we write to you about the tragic death last week of 46-year-old George Floyd. Police brutality has taken the life of another unarmed Black man, shaking the nation with grief and outrage. We are saddened by this loss, and deeply disturbed by the persistent racism and aggression among some of those charged to protect us and keep us safe. We cannot tolerate these injustices.
Mr. Floyd’s death has been followed by days of protests by community members across our nation who are grieving. We acknowledge the pain, fear, anger, and hopelessness many in our school community are experiencing right now. Equality stands firmly in our values of diversity and inclusivity and denounces all forms of bigotry. To all of our Black scholars, families, staff, and community members, we stand with you and with all who stand against anti-Black racism, racial profiling, police brutality, and injustice.
These tragic events must serve as a reminder that we still have much work to do in creating the inclusive environment we all deserve – for our scholars, our community, and our world.
We ask that everyone in the Equality community (staff, scholars, parents, families) think proactively about how we can help each other move forward. We encourage you to show your support for fellow scholars, colleagues or family members of color who are surely feeling the weight of these tragedies. It is important to reach out to the people you know who are hurting and let them know they are not alone.