Equality Charter Middle School Athletics – Coed 6th Grade Basketball Team Game Results

May 9, 2016

Equality Charter Middle School Coed 6th Grade Basketball Team stays undefeated this weekend with a win over Bronx Excellence by the score of 37-16. The team has an overall record of 4-0 this season.  The team has been showing a well balanced attack on offense, with a dominate and smothering defense.


Liam Rodriguez lead the team in scoring with 13 points. Eber Ponce had 12 points, while Dwayne Pennicooke collected 10 points. Coach Cooper and Coach Vic feels this team is special and can accomplish the world if they stay focus on school work and Basketball.  Lets go EAGLES!!!

Please Note: The school buildings are closed and we are in remote learning.  For more information please visit:       Middle School   |   High School