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English Language Learners

Our Instructional Approach

At Equality Charter Middle School and High School, we welcome native speakers of other languages who have not yet attained proficiency in English and newly arrived students to the United States. Our English Language Learning Program uses a Sheltered Instruction approach. English Language Learners (ELLs) receive their instruction in an English speaking classroom while being provided with supports to access academic content. Our ongoing commitment to serve Equality ELLs well is also reflected in our professional development calendar for all teachers.

Equality has an admissions lottery preference for ELLs.

*Approximately 10% of our scholars are ELLs.

Program Details

  • All ELLs learn alongside their English speaking peers for all core academic courses are held accountable to the same curriculum.
  • Classroom teachers provide instructional supports for ELLs to maximize content access
  • Priority subjects with high ELL enrollment numbers benefit from the added support of an in-class ELL teacher who co-teaches with the mainstream content teacher.
  • All beginning and developing ELLs take a daily course, called English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), to further support linguistic growth in English. The curriculum for this course is closely tied to the demands and assignments of the regular English Language Arts (ELA) core classes.
  • Beginning and developing ELLs who are new to the Latin Alphabet, which the English language uses, are provided small group remedial reading instruction.

Additional Support Services:

  • When possible, ELLs are partnered with a peer tutor who is bilingual in their home language.
  • All beginning and developing ELLs are issued a laptop for the year to provide independent access to meet their linguistic needs at any time (e.g., in class use to find background knowledge, in the home language, on a topic under discussion).