Our Board

Equality’s Board of Directors consists of highly committed and passionate individuals who lend their time, finances, and talent to support the growth of our scholars.

To attend a Board or committee meeting, please check out our school calendar via the Middle School or High School web pages for more information.

Board Chair Ed Hubbard and Board Member Ardian Hasko, Equality Spring Reception, May 2016

Board Member Erika King (left), Equality Spring Reception, May 2016

Former Board Member and Friends of Equality Donor Alexandra Lanza (right), Equality Spring Reception, May 2016

Board Member Len Gilbert (left), Loretta Piscatella (Friends of Equality) Equality Spring Reception, May 2018

Board Members

Edison Bardowell

Legacy Youth Organization

Ben Costa

Educational Director
Sterling Education

Palak Forbes


Len Gilbert

Board Secretary,
COO, Digital Prism Advisors, Inc.

Ardian Hasko

Board Vice Chair,
Investments Private Client Group, Dominick & Dominick LLC

Ed Hubbard

Board Chair,
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Rutgers Business School

Erika King


Ayisha Lee

Senior Product Manager, TIAA

James Stringfellow

Board Treasurer,
Partner, NY Structured Finance

Board Minutes

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- August 10, 2020.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- July 13, 2020.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- June 13, 2020.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- May 18, 2020.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- April 20, 2020.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- March 23, 2020.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- February 10, 2020.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- January 13, 2020.pdf

Remote Board Meetings March 2020 – December 2020

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- December 16, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- November 19, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- October 21, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- September 16, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- August 12, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- July 15, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- June 24, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- May 13, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- April 15, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- March 11, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- February 11, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- Janaury 14, 2019.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- December 10, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- November 19, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-October 15, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-September 17, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-August 13, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-July 9, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-June 11, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-May 14, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-April 9, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-March 12, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-February 12, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-January 8, 2018.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-December 11, 2017.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-November 13, 2017.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-October 16, 2017.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-September 11, 2017.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-August 14, 2017.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-July 10, 2017.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-June 19,2017.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-May 22,2017.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-April 24,2017.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-March 27,2017.pdf

ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-March 6,2017.pdf





ECSBoardMeetingMinutes- September2016.pdf













ECSBoardMeetingMinutes-July2015.pdf Prior ECSBoardMeetingMinutes

Please email Caitlin Franco at caitlin.franco@equalitycs.org with any questions about Board membership, Board minutes, or financial documents.

Please Note: The school buildings are closed and we are in remote learning.  For more information please visit:

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