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Shot in 2015, this video highlights Equality Charter High School in its second year of operation. Our Executive Director Caitlin Franco, High School Spanish Teacher Lisa Romano, Director of Operations & Facilities Tracee Helton, and Middle School Dean Reginald Jay are all featured. Thank you for watching!

Shot in 2014, this video highlights Equality Charter Middle School and what it has to offer the Bronx community. Our Executive Director Caitlin Franco, High School Principal Favrol Philemy, and Middle School Dean Reginald Jay are featured in the video. We hope you enjoy!

Scholar Profiles

Jeneil Palmer

101414_ECS0478a-1My most special memory about Equality Charter School is…

Within my first couple of days of being a scholar here, I was nervous about how the teachers taught, or even fitting in with the other scholars. After a couple of weeks of attending, I quickly noticed that I began excelling in my academics and social life.

An area my family loves the most about Equality…

…is the parent outreach and the “Parent University” education program available. Parents always stay informed and are given an opportunity to learn more ways about helping us. Whether it is from the Deans of culture to the Teachers, everyone stays on top of ensuring the scholars are focused on their work.

One unique quality about Equality Staff is…

101414_ECS_0081-1…the teachers and staff have been very supportive in my experience at Equality Charter High School because they show that they have interest in scholars’ education and futures.

The Teachers and Staff are like an extended family. They look out for you and make sure that your social and emotional well-being is stable and safe in their learning environment. The Staff always makes sure that they keep everyone doing the right things so that you are well mannered and have a positive future.

Some scholars would say they look forward to seeing their friends everyday, but as for me I look forward to being faced by a new challenge and another new opportunity that could help me better myself for the near future.

After graduating Equality Charter High School, I will achieve my dreams of becoming…

A member of the United States Air Force. However, that is not my only goal. I plan on achieving my Masters in social work, human resource management, or becoming a registered nurse. As I maintain my focus, I know any of these areas are possible.

Ckristina Bennett

101414_ECS_0542My most special memory about Equality Charter School is…

…the moment where I finally felt accepted and loved by everyone. It was the Writing Celebration of 2013. I was so nervous to go up on stage and read my poem in front of the entire school.When I was finished my heart came out of my chest! I expected laughing but it was actually clapping and cheering. In that moment I felt like I belonged. I felt like I belonged to Equality Charter School!

One unique quality about Equality Staff is…

…the teachers and staff are supportive and never give up on us! They seriously care about you and want to see you excel in life. They won’t move on from a topic in class unless you completely get it. My Teachers come up with the best strategies to make learning more understandable and fun. Being around the Staff makes me feel like I left one home to go to another. I am able to feel comfortable being myself because Equality Staff love my originality.


After graduating Equality Charter High School, I will meet my dreams by becoming…

…a business or entertainment lawyer. I feel like I can really do my best in this field. I love debating. I want to be so successful that when I am 35 years old and visit Equality Charter High School at the reunion I can donate back. Especially being that I will be a member of the first graduating high school class!

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