Staff Updates

February 2, 2011

Music Teacher – Jane Leathers
We are pleased to welcome our new music teacher, Jane Leathers, to Equality. Mrs. Leathers comes to Equality with over thirty years of teaching experience. She is teaching our 8th grade students during the second half of this school year. Please reach out to her with any questions at

Math Teaching Assistants
Starting this February, we will be adding a math teaching assistant to each math classroom. This is to provide more individualized instruction for our students, use additional small group rotations, and to target specific student needs. We were fortunate to get highly qualified teaching assistants who have a love and passion for math. Please make sure to reach out to your child’s math teacher with any additional questions or concerns about this addition to our academic program:

  • Sheri Wenzel, 6th Grade,
  • Marija Kero, 7th Grade,
  • Favrol Philemy, 8th Grade,

After School Aides
As a reminder, we have several afterschool aides who help with our student dismissal. Recently, we have had a few incidences outside of the building. We are asking for all parents to support us in urging your child to go directly home after school. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child after school, please call their grade level dean immediately:

  • Mark Hines, 6th Grade Dean,, ext. 3110
  • Steve Greene, 7th Grade Dean,, ext. 3101
  • Lisa Winter, 8th Grade Dean,, ext. 3570