ECS Volleyball Gets their First WIN!!

On Tuesday, October 29th the Equality Charter School Eagles began their volleyball season in a game vs. Inwood at Democracy Prep. During the first set, the Inwood trailed the entire game leading to a 21 to 15 victory for the ECS Eagles.  Inwood was determined not to trail during set 2, so the scoring went back and forth up until the end of set 2 where Inwood was the victors, winning 21 to 18. Set 3 was nerve wrecking for both teams. The score was 13 to 11, Inwood in the lead, only 2 points away from the victory.  It was Inwood’s turn to serve, however their server could not get the ball over the net. Being down 2, and 4 points away from victory, the pressure was on 6th grader Adrian Swift-Henry of ECS who was now up to serve.  Adrian’s first serve proved to be too much for Inwood as they completely missed the ball.  Down 1 point,  Adrian served again, this time Inwood bunted the ball, but it went out of bounds which allowed ECS to tie the points at 13. Adrian’s next serve was an Ace which now gave ECS game point and put them ahead of Inwood 14 to 13. ECS team members were on the edges of their seats as they watched Adrian’s serve go up and over the net.  An Inwood player bunted the ball, another player went to bunt it after, however she missed it and ECS ended up winning the game 15 to 13.  Every player on ECS ran on the court and rushed Adrian as they were excited that his great serves lead them to win.

8th grader Beatrice Mettle was also a star server for the ECS eagles having scored 8 points throughout the 3 games on serves.  Seventh grader Joshua Amponsah was the team’s star defender of the night.  Sakeena Pinckney also served really well on the night. Congratulations to each member on the ECS team as they all contributed in some way to this wonderful first game victory.

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