Equality is Focused on Results

To read about all of our results and outcomes, check out our Annual Portfolio 2016-2017.

HIGH SCHOOL RESULTS: Equality’s model works. In all areas that our scholars are required to take the Regents, we surpassed the districts from which our scholars came to us.

MIDDLE SCHOOL RESULTS: Our Middle School is in its 8th year of operation. We are thriving and have become a central part of our Co-Op City community.

In both Math and English Language Arts (ELA), we continue to surpass our local district 11 in the Bronx. In this year alone, we saw an outstanding 12% increase in ELA, validating that our literacy program is working.

Academic Outcomes

  • A focus on individual growth
  • Consistent movement towards proficiency on standardized tests

Social-Emotional Outcomes

  • Engagement with learning
  • Positive personal/social development, including strong peer relationships
  • Increased confidence and positive self-image
  • Protective classroom behavior
  • Acquisition and development of essential non-cognitive skills

Professional Outcomes

  • Understanding of the link between the academic environment and world of work
  • Hands-on experience with professionals from a variety of careers
  • Skills, habits, and attitudes conducive to employment
  • Experience with the real-world professional environment