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Equality Charter School in Top 3 Percent of ALL NYC Middle Schools, says Dept. of Education 2012 Progress Reports

Co-op City middle school leadership credited for astonishing one-year jump from 36th to 97th percentile 

Equality Charter School, a middle school located in Co-op City, landed in the top three percent of all middle schools citywide and has earned an overall A rating, says the New York City Department of Education in a report issued today measuring all New York City public schools’ progress over the last year. Thanks to changes implemented by school leadership and staff, Equality’s standing amongst all middle schools jumped—in just one year—from the 36th to the 97th percentile.

“The entire Equality community is thrilled that our hard work and commitment to each of our students’ success is bringing such outstanding, documented results,” said the school’s principal, Caitlin Franco. “We call our students ‘scholars,’ and that is symbolic of our values, our mission and our staff’s unflinching commitment to every child’s academic success and social development. I am so proud of the kids, the faculty and our parents.”

According to the 2011-2012 report from the Chancellor, Equality earned an “A” rating in each of the following categories: Student Progress, which measures how much individual students improved in state tests in English and math between 2011 and 2012 compared to other students who started at the same level; Student Performance, a measure of student results on the 2012 state tests in English and math; School Environment, which measures student attendance and surveys of the school community on  academic expectations at Equality, school safety, Equality’s success at fostering a culture of respect, its effectiveness in communications between administration, faculty, students and parents, and overall engagement.

Progress Report

Franco said she attributes Equality’s “steady and stellar success” to a school culture that values inclusion, individual attention, respect for diversity, and high expectations for all. “People are always talking about the crisis of middle schools,” stated Franco. “But the solutions exist. We know that what we are doing here can be replicated. It takes everyone in the school community to be fully committed to progress, individual growth and excellence in every way. The longer a student is at Equality, the steeper their progress. We are very proud and even more determined to bring every child to their highest potential.”

About Equality Charter School

Equality Charter School is a middle school in Co-op City, the Bronx that serves families from throughout NYC. Our unwavering pursuit of excellence—both for our staff and our scholars—provides an engaging, academically rigorous, fully inclusive learning environment, with individually tailored teaching and a rich array of extracurricular activities. We rank No. 1 out of all NYC charter schools for the largest performance growth in 8th grade math and No. 8 for performance growth in English Language Arts. Equality’s staff is fully committed to diversity and to all of our scholars’ academic growth and success—in high school, college and beyond.



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