Equality Charter School provides a high
level of academic rigor in a nurturing learning
community that will prepare scholars to be
successful in college.

We realize high expectations for staff and scholars by focusing on the integration of goal setting, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As our scholars move through this progression, they will develop into Equality men and woman: high school graduates prepared for an educated, productive life.

Our Methods
Scholar academic achievement is directly related to the quality of the classroom teacher. Therefore, we have created a classroom instructional model where there is an investment in intensively developing and supporting our teachers so that they are prepared to provide high quality instruction. Our teachers will combine inquiry-based learning with direct teaching. For example, when a scholar has trouble reading, we will directly teach him/her with a program such as Scholastic's READ 180 so that the weakness is quickly addressed. In science class, though, the same scholar will "inquire" into experiments and construct their own conclusions. Teachers will regularly adapt their lessons as they analyze how their scholars are achieving, so that teaching and learning are connected to scholars' needs.

Equality is committed to hiring highly-qualified, experienced teachers whose goal are to be leaders in their fields. It is Equality's belief that if all staff are given greater control over their work and treated as true professionals, they will use this power to make Equality better for all learners. An experienced teacher can manage a classroom, develop and teach curriculum, and nurture scholars at the same time. Finally, a caring professional knows that parents are the key to the scholar achievement, and ours will work with you.

How will Equality fulfill its promise?
Equality focuses on academic and social achievement, with a curriculum strongly aligned with New York State standards.
We will do this by:

  • Hiring qualified teachers and providing them with daily professional development.
  • Offering skill-building courses such as READ 180 and System 44 for struggling readers, advanced options such as Integrated Algebra and Living Environment Regents Prep, and pre-SAT courses such as Greek and Latin Roots that is taught during our ELA class.
  • Integrating goal setting, problem solving, and critical thinking skills into the fiber of the school community through the Life Action Plans scholars create in Home and Careers class. These plans will help scholars to articulate their goals and map out the steps they will need to reach their ultimate goals.
  • Promoting a safe learning community with our explicit Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, which emphasize defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate scholar behavior.
  • Educating the whole child with our art course, afterschool music, and eight sports teams.
  • Believing that every child can learn, and therefore providing a wide range of academic and social supports designed to reach all of our scholars, whether they are English Language Learners, gifted, or receive special education services.

Planning for your child's future? Choose Equality.