Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a charter school?
A: In brief, charter schools are public schools that are held strictly accountable for academic achievement results in exchange for autonomy from many of the rules and regulations of the traditional school system. The Equality Charter School was authorized by the Chancellor of the New York City Public Schools and approved by the State Education Department Board of Regents.

Q: How are scholars admitted into the school?
A: In accordance with state law, scholars are admitted to our schools by an open, public lottery. Preference will be given to first to siblings and then to scholars in District 11, but all New York State residents are welcome to apply. To obtain an application, please click the "Apply" button on the first page of this website for an application, request one at, or call
(718) 320-3032.

Q: What is a typical scholar schedule?
A: A typical scholar day includes four block periods of approximately 90 minutes each day and a wide variety of after-school programs, including tutoring, music class, typing class, sports, and enrichment programs. The academic schedule for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders emphasizes reading, writing and math.

Q: Do Equality scholars take standardized tests?
A: Yes, Equality scholars take the same tests as all other New York State public school children.

Q: Is there a school uniform?
A: Yes, scholars wear a school uniform. School uniform shirts can be purchased from Flynn and O'Hara: Online -; directly from the store - 136 Westchester Square, Bronx, NY; or, via telephone 718-863-7561.

Bottoms: Black slacks, capris, skirts, or skorts (NO BLACK JEANS!)

Top: Royal blue long- or short-sleeve Equality polo; scholars can wear a long-sleeve black or white shirt under the Equality shirt or an all black cardigan over their Equality shirt.