Equality Walks for Breast Cancer

October 17, 2016

Our scholar, Joshua Amponsah member of Harvester’s for Change, coordinated an in-school fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s fight against breast cancer. Joshua and his fellow Harvester members raised a total of $580.80 through a total of two bake sales. Bake sale items were donated and baked by peers, parents and staff members. Joshua and the Harvester team took their donation and personalized banner on the three mile walk around Orchard Beach. Let’s all congratulate Joshua and the Harvesters!

The Harvesters were joined by Principal, Favrol Philemy, Coordinators, Lashawna Jones & Pearl Arnold-Sukhram, School Aides, Jacob Basantes, Operations Assistant, Taren Gilmore, Director of Adult Programming, Errol Olton and ECHS parents Elizabeth Morales and Dana Jenkins.