Equality Charter Middle School´s Investment Club

June 14, 2017

This year, Mr. Morine started Equality Charter Middle School´s first ever Investment Group. Here are some of the many incredible successes and unique projects that the group participated in:

Investment Update: 
The group has seen some investments work like our biggest investment in Twitter. We were able to purpose 100 shares and that investment as of today is up 7% which is equivalent to about a $70 profit. We also had losses on other investment that were limited to about a 10%. Overall, minus commision fees, as of today we are up 2%.
First Fundraiser: 
As the school year comes to an end the scholars from Invest-In-Groups want to focus their efforts on a meaningful fundraiser. As we all brainstorm what ECS scholars currently need we decided to have a fundraiser to support recess both indoors and outdoors and lunch. The scholars spent the month of May doing a fundraising for a “Toy drive”. We aimed to have three bins (one for each grade) full of outside toys for recess. These bins will have equipment like basketballs, footballs, jump rope and other things ECS scholars can use while having recess outside. Additionally, we wanted to have smaller bins for each homeroom to have board games such as monopoly, Sorry, Connect Four so that scholars have options while having indoor recess.
To raise money for the fundraiser, we cashed out the investments, had a raffle for tablets that were not open, giving all ECS scholars an opportunity to own one. Additionally, the group offered treats, snacks, to everyone that participates in the raffle.

Update in June:

* We currently have two large bags full of toys and two large bags of clothes to donate. Thank you to everyone who donated!
Social Event: 
The group will like to show an investment related movie to ECS scholars, this can be done during PM homeroom (3 days) or in grade teams in the auditorium. As a class reward for watching the movie the group wants to award each homeroom a pizza party. Lastly, the Invest-in-Groups scholars are planning a trip to visit wall street which will take place in June.
Teacher Appreciation
Today the group visited all classrooms and gave teacher thank you bags with spinners for stress and received sweets!
Focus Challenge [Interims]
Throughout the next week, teachers can show scholars great focus during their interims and we would have a spinner and sweets for them.