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Fall 2016: Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Program

Be a Part of Our Eagle Circle Society

Members have joined the Eagle Circle Society

The Eagle Circle Society is Equality’s new donor recognition program, honoring those who make a gift of $10 or more for two or more consecutive years.
As we continue to impact the lives of our inner-city scholars, all gifts matter!
Your loyal support is vital because together we can ensure that Equality will be able to continue providing an excellent education to our deserving scholars, who are our future community leaders.

Thank you for making Equality a philanthropic priority!

Check out our previous fundraisers!

Spring 2016: New Science Lab

On May 17th, our Spring Reception fundraiser raised over $82,000 to support Equality’s programs, including our science program and new science lab. Watch scholar Ryan Rivera and teacher
Ms. Amrita Bhattacharyya share their experiences.

Fall 2015: New Middle School Library

We are incredibly proud of our fundraising effort that raised over $15,000 for

our Middle School Library.

The following levels of support are examples
to help you understand your gift’s impact
towards Equality’s Career Center goal:


Approximately 10 Mac computers for our Graphic Design and Programming Computer Lab


Buys 500 books!


Research station in Career Lab


Software for computers in Graphic Design and Programming Computer Lab


A printer for a computer lab


1 chromebook


2 chairs for computer lab or library